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He also told journalists that Malcolm Jones

If It's In YouSyd's homage to The Beatles, which didn't go well but was left in anyway. It appeared to demonstrate Syd's lack of professionalism.There were several takes of If It's In You, none in the public domain are particularly brilliant.This is most infuriatingly true of the 'master' version, which was released on The Madcap Laughs.Syd struggles hard to find his key, strains his voice and finally loses his place. Roger Waters is heard suggesting that Syd tune his guitar down.Utterly flustered now, he remonstrates with his friends behind the mixing desk. "It's just the fact of going through it, if we could just cut..." We don't know what he wanted to cut, as the dialogue is abruptly stopped.The song is not going well. Now his vocal is out of tune. His timing is completely off. He's going Hell for leather, but this is not a good take. It's not working. They rightly call a tea break immediately afterwards. If It's In You But that was it.

They didn't attempt to re-record If It's in You after the break. It was left in and Opel was left out.Maybe it was Roger and David's immediate response to Dark Globe. They'd had just over a month to let that song fester in their psyche and they must have known what the public perception of it would be.At the time, Roger merely defended it as being 'honest', while David talked about them scrabbling for stuff to go onto the album. It was a case of this or have nothing with which to complete it. Fans have been throwing Opel into his face ever since.Roger talked about laughing through The Madcap Laughs sessions, because they were so dire that some detachment of humor was needed to make it through. David called them 'hell' and 'nightmarish'.

He also told journalists that Malcolm Jones had struggled for six months with Syd, before Pink Floyd were asked to take over. He added that it had taken him and Roger only two and a half days to coerce their friend in to finishing half of the album.The latter was certainly true, but not the former. Syd and Malcolm had worked for only three weeks. The two month delays afterwards were all due to Pink Floyd's own schedule. But the mythology remained and that's how casual listeners recall The Madcap Laughs.Years later, David recanted all that he'd said back then. The sessions, he said, were 'difficult, but inspired'. July 26th was Syd's last day in the studio. Thereafter it was all down to David and Roger to mix and edit the album. It took them months to do, thus missing the Christmas sales. The Madcap Laughs was finally released just after New Year's Day 1970. Syd Barrett's OpelTaken from a recording session on April 11th 1969, with Malcolm Jones. This was removed from The Madcap Laughs to make way for If It's In You.

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