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Beautiful ladies covered in peacock costumes

Vivacious, bubbly Mardi Gras art and crafts in dazzling gold, glittering green and purple colours with impressive peacock decorations and peacock illustrations are piece of beauty and treasure. Mardi Gras masks in beautiful blue and green of peacock feathers are a feast to eyes. Anyone who even looks at the art and craftsmanship instantly gets flabbergasted by the art and magic of Mardi Gras paintings, wall hangings, sculpture and graceful pinatas.Peacocks are interesting birds with their blue and green feathers; they are great for sketching, painting in oil and fabric paintings with special touch. Their feathers are portrayed in Mardi...

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The museum also has a fine collection of early maps

American Museum in Britain Celebrates 50 YearsExhibition of Arts and Crafts from the United StatesThe American Museum in Britain (AMIB), at Claverton Manor, Bath, is the only permanent public collection of American decorative arts and crafts to be found outside the United States. Established in 1961, the museum marked its 50th anniversary in 2011. The Origins of the Museum The museum was originally set up by three friends: British antiques dealer, John Judkyn; American psychiatrist and collector, Dr Dallas Pratt; and Nick Bell Knight, a furniture restorer. In the mid-1950s Judkyn and Pratt had already decided to establish a museum...

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He also told journalists that Malcolm Jones

If It's In YouSyd's homage to The Beatles, which didn't go well but was left in anyway. It appeared to demonstrate Syd's lack of professionalism.There were several takes of If It's In You, none in the public domain are particularly brilliant.This is most infuriatingly true of the 'master' version, which was released on The Madcap Laughs.Syd struggles hard to find his key, strains his voice and finally loses his place. Roger Waters is heard suggesting that Syd tune his guitar down.Utterly flustered now, he remonstrates with his friends behind the mixing desk. "It's just the fact of going through it,...

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